Connect the Dots With Free Sex

Board games were always a pelage to me when my kids were young. The endless hours that a child can play board games is beyond belief. Once my kids grew up I was fairly certain I would never play one of these mindless and boring games again. Poker and black jack are far more fun and combined with a few dollars on the line they are downright exciting. However, I was about to get a lesson in the thrilling play of some of the most mundane board games.

Whether you are in the business world or on the dating scene there is no way to deny the value of free sexe0WRLn54LP. Most people who are wise to this fact will participate in events or activities that they normally would not even consider doing on their own. I am one of those who values free sex and know how well they can help in business and play.

My friends and I play softball on a team in a small league in my town. Often times we will take the ladies out with us for practice and turn it into a full day with a picnic lunch and a few beers. It’s great fun and a good way to get to know new ladies as they always want to bring a friend or two. You know how ladies like to talk, and since my friends are all married I’m the only available guy around for the new girls to consider. An after dinner party with drinks to relax my prey and on with the night.

The dreaded rain day comes now and then putting the brakes on my fun. This not only messes up my softball game but it also stop my between the sheets action. Would you believe that a boring old board game could come to my rescue?  One of the ladies who was new to our group suggested we gather at her place for some games. This sure as hell didn’t excite me but in order to keep contacts I went along with the pack.

It turns out that board games are so much more fun with shots. Even a game of checkers becomes fun when adults can change the rules a little. Lose a checker and you lose a piece of clothing! Sure we are all just drinking, laughing, and having fun but as she and I get more involved in the game I can see that look on her face. You know the look, like a little bit of a flirt and just the hint of a tease as she removes another piece of clothing.

Soon I see the lovely breast that have been hidden throughout the day, and damn they are nice. By now I am in my boxers and my hard on is only hidden by the table. One more move and she has to stand to remove those form fitting jeans. I can see a wet spot in her delicate panties and I whisper to her, Maybe we should move this game in the bedroom. I am sure that board games are a blast and I know how important it is to keep free sex contacts.

Why Should You Enjoy SEX?

Sex is undeniably an amazing feeling! If not, why would people spend so much time and energy hunting for an ideal sex partner? The best part of sex can be experienced, only when you find a perfect partner. Experts state that sex comes in different flavors. Your flavor will define your sex experience. Moreover, your sex style will determine its physiological and psychological benefits for you! In this article, you will get a brief outline, through few common health benefits related with sex. Each of these benefits are clinically proved by world famous scientists and doctors.

Battle against germs!

As you enjoy a divine sex experience, you will witness an improved immune system. Famous Scientists in Wilkes University found that women and men with frequent sex sessions had more antibodies. As a result, they had the wit to fight against common health disorders like cold, cough, fever and many other infections.

A strong heart!

Secondly, patrons with regular sex sessions had a strong heart! To be more precise, they were void of cardiovascular disorders. Intense sex will help you strengthen your body and mind. For instance, men who spent several hours making love had lower blood pressure than the rest. A recent study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health stated that men with heart issues should have sex at least twice a week! Their sex experience would rejuvenate new life into their weak heart.

Finding true love in your bed!

As you express and witness true love in the bed, you will eradicate stress and strain. The foremost benefit is not a secret! Sex has helped people of diverse age groups and genders. Busy men without a steady sex life, will feel lost and devastated. A study in the Journal of Biological Psychology showed that stressful situations can be combated with a fiery love making session. Sex would drain your energy and eliminate the hormones that trigger stress.

A toned body

Moving on, your sex experience will determine your physical fitness! If you are a fitness freak, trust me, sex should be a part of your agenda. As mentioned previously, sex will burn extra calories from your body. As a result, you will lose weight and feel toned. The energy devoured by Sex will be equivalent to the amount of weight lost during a 21-hour-long gym session.

The bond between love, sex and self esteem

According to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people with lots of self esteem, would be sex-lovers. A person has nearly 237 reasons to have sex. Apart from this, the love hormone is strongly connected with your will power. If you feel happy after an hour of intense sex, believe me, your love hormones are well connected and contended. As crazy as it sounds, the relationship between sex, love and self-esteem is easy experienced than said!

A cure against pain

Finally, another surprising benefit devoured by sex would be its ability to relieve pain! Now, women should be very careful with this benefit. If you have back pain, menstrual cramps and arthritis, sex is certainly a remedy for YOU!

If you don’t use it, You will lose it! An interesting journey into SEX!

In accordance with the very old saying, “If you don’t use it, You will lose it”, sex organs must be used frequently. If you don’t have sex, you will feel lonely, less responsive, annoyed and non-functional. Always remember that sex is a part of life and death. As you enjoy a unique sex experience, you will have the wit to lead a hale and hearty life. It is quite interesting to note that sex is a part of our day-to-day lives. The process is filled with so many interesting health benefits. Trust me, the benefits devoured by sex would differ from one person to another. Thus, you should customize your very own sex experience, to understand its actual yields!

The power of regular SEX

As you enjoy several hours of intense love, you will have the wit to sleep peacefully. A recent survey showed that couples without “regular sex” don’t have the propensity to fall asleep quickly. Sex is a hormonal process! When you have sex, your body would release lots of enzymes and hormones. The release of oxytocin would trigger sleep. Consequently, several hours of uninterrupted sleep will enhance your overall physique and cardiovascular health. Proper sleep will definitely help you combat stress and strain. Moreover, oxytocin will relax your mind. This will make you feel connected after the love making process.

Feel fresh with SEX

Secondly, a healthy sex experience will make you feel fresh! Newly married couples state that sex has helped them rejuvenate new life into their daily chores. The change devoured by sex is unexplainable. As mentioned previously, the benefit will depend on your age, gender, lifestyle, health condition and love routines. Patrons who range between early 20 and late thirties will sense an air of freshness and vigor in their professional activities; whereas, elders with intense love making sessions would feel stronger and healthier. This attributes to the hormones released by sex!

Boost your self esteem and self confidence with SEX

Additionally, sex will help you lose weight rapidly. Gone are the days when women and men had to rush to various fitness centers. Today, your local sex partner will help you burn several pounds of calories. Real Sex is an interesting process, which requires lots of energy. The energy released during sex would reformulate dead cells and damaged tissues. Consequently, you will have the wit to enjoy cleaner skin and a fresher face. Personally, I feel that a better body will boost your self confidence and esteem.

Connect your heart, soul and mind for a better sex life!

If you wish to enjoy an amazing sex life, you should consume a balanced diet with lots of minerals and vitamins. Always remember that love involves two hearts! Your sex experience should delight your partner. Furthermore, try to make love with lots of fun and energy. Sex without fun or love, will remain meaningless. If you wish to enjoy the foremost benefits, trust me, you should connect your heart, soul and mind, during the love making sessions.